Most tourists find interest to visit the unique indigenous Batwa trail after gorilla tracking to discover how the Batwa used to live and survive on row fruits, bush meat, wild honey and then gather at their famous Garama caves just 3 km from Ntebeko visitors centre.

Along the trail the Batwa guide clearly narrates their story before eviction from the forest and many young Batwa women and boys will perform traditional beliefs such as dances to entertain visitors, fire making, hunting techniques right at the entrance of the 342 km cave.

Visitors can enter inside to have a look at the ancient sitting places, rocks carvings that acted as their shelter during war times. A visit to this trail is a way of contributing to conservation of Batwa cultures which are vulnerable to extinction and proceeds have helped most of them to improve their lives, access education like never before.The other dominant people in the region are the Bafumbira and Bakiga who are also friendly and welcoming.