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Guide to Camping on a Gorilla Safari in Bwindi

Guide to Camping on a Gorilla Safari in Bwindi


Gorilla safari is the ultimate life changing experience that nobody ought to miss it for as long as you can. The feeling of getting close to the gentle shy gorillas in the jungle as they go about their day makes one appreciate nature. Gorillas can only be accessed in Uganda, Bwindi forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in DR Congo. Most lodges in Bwindi forest have camping sites which you book prior and arrangement is made for you, however planning to camp on a gorilla safari you require the guidance on the essentials that you would be of importance to your adventurous safari.

Weather, considering camping is more sleeping in nature surrounded by flora and fauna, you also need to keep in mind the ideal weather, let’s dry season or wet season.

Plan for your meals, since you will be independent in your own camp, you are advised to plan to pack enough snacks or you can arrange with the camp restaurant for the services.

Gorilla permit, your assurance to trek lies on the availability of the gorilla permits, for your ultimate gorilla experience you need to have hold of your gorilla tracking permit.

Valid travel documents

There is nothing that disorganizes a trip being stopped for not having legal documents, endeavor to prepare your air tickets, visas and medical immunization cards like yellow fever, Hep B especially for an African safari in the malaria zone.

Malaria Pills

Not necessarily you will fall sick but for precautions on your safari. All of the four national parks where you can track the mountain gorillas are located in malarial zones, and you should discuss options to safeguard yourself from malaria with your doctor.

Hiking boots

Mountain gorillas are in the dense forest with thick vegetation sometimes muddy and slippery, therefore you need light hiking boots to enable you trek without slowdowns. You will also need sandals for evening community walk.

Sleeping tent/ bag for your camp site or else if you don’t have one and arrange with the park or lodge to provide for you at a cost.

You also need to pack beddings, keep it simple for easy packing and transporting, but it should be able to keep you warm as it tend to be too cold.

Light clothing’s which are heat observant like long sleeved t-shirts to protect you from scratches in the forest.

Rain coat jacket, and head gear, for warmth since it tends to be freezing with fog in Bwindi, the weather is also unpredictable in the dense forest

Sanitaries like Toilet Papers and pads should be in handy for the ladies, nothing should come your way to ruin your safari. Remember that you must leave the forest with everything that you brought into it, so you may want to bring a plastic bag for this purpose.

Safari gadgets you need not forget your pair of binoculars, camera, chargers and a pair of batteries, without them you won’t hold your trekking experience memory forever.

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