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Why Support Local Businesses & Community Projects

Why Support Local Businesses & Community Projects


The world records today show a gradual increase in tourism growth depending on location. It is observed as one of the fastest and largest growing industries in the world today.This can however impact on the remaining biodiversity habitats and indigenous cultures that tend to support mass tourism. As of this, tourists have come up with an interest of sustaining this industry by conserving and protecting tourists’ destinations especially in the African countries. These can promote environmental and wildlife conservation and protection through supporting local people surrounding the national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries, natural forests e.t.c. The local communities can be supported in various ways such as: being knowledgeable of the social, (culture), politics and economy of the communities visited, respecting local cultures amd languages, providing support to the local cultures’ integrity,( on the businesses that do conserve and promote cultural norms and values), by buying local goods and supporting local businesses.

It is very important to participate in activities that develop and help sustain the livelihoods of the local people staying in the neighborhood of the national parks, game reserves and natural forests habituating flora and fauna. Because by contributing to the local businesses, the locals are happy and with a source of income which limits their interests in destroy or encroaching the natural habitats for the wildlife. This therefore plays a role in the conservation, preservation and protection of mountain gorillas – an endangered species.

By this, the indigenous people are able to know the extent to which tourism is important in their lives hence an increase in the efforts and struggles of supporting, conserving and protecting the wild which also involves the conservation and protection of the mountain gorillas as well.

As the locals enjoy from the tourism income,the more determined they become on protecting these endangered species and as a way of keeping it up, the tourists / visitors are encouraged to make use of the local businesses like restaurants, shops, among others.

Therefore, tourism as a sector has played a big role in environmental integrity, social justice and economic development as well which are promoted through job creation i.e porters and park rangers. The revenue from this sector is further used for the further development of tourist centers like infrastructure leading to the different centers, payment of game park employees, establishment and maintenance of park boundaries like in Boma of Northern Rwanda where the lions were placed ,/ kept , etc thus an increase in standards of living which then leaves the gazette areas safe from human encroachment.

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