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There are lots of things to see in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

What to see on Uganda safari in & around Mgahinga NP
Mount Gahinga
Gahinga volcano rises at an altitude of 3474m. Hiking Mt. Gahinga takes climbers 6 hours (about half day trek) –ascending and descending. At the summit of Gahinga Volcano, there is a crater with giant lobelia and swamp. The Gahinga volcano trail offers the most breathtaking views and hikers navigate through the giant bamboo.

Mt. Sabyinyo (3669m) is 14km long round trek. It is steep volcano, and hiking to the top and back takes 8 hours. Unlike other volcanoes, hiking through Sabyinyo volcano is relatively challenging but the beauty about it is that climbers have a chance to spot some primates including golden monkeys, variety of antelopes, especially duikers. The Sabyinyo gorge trek takes hikers via the dense forest with higher chances of sighting birds such as the Rwenzori turacos.

Mt. Muhabura (4127m) is the highest of the 3 Virunga Massifs in Mgahinga NP. It takes climbers about 8 hours to have around trek. At the summits, hikers can enjoy the incredible view of other Virunga Volcanoes and the beautiful Lake Edward.

Mgahinga is home to some of the unique animal species and include mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, buffaloes, bushbucks, bush pigs, elephants, leopards, and giant forest hogs, etc.

Over 180 species of birds make Mgahinga a significant birding tour destination. They include pin-tailed whydahs, speckled mouse bird, black kite, white-necked raven, paradise flycatchers, double-collared sunbirds, Rwenzori turacos, olive pigeons, dusky crimson wings, archer’s robin chat, Kivu ground thrush, blue headed coucal and others.

Batwa Cultural Trail in Mgahinga

This a great experience that combines nature and culture of the ancient. Don’t miss the chance to mix up with people who still live in the ancient despite the introduction of the new western culture that changes many in Africa. Mgahinga National park forest is a place to experience trail through different activities, hiking, hunting, home stead visits and the exciting cultural dance that can’t leave you sited. The Batwa people are remarkable creatures that shared the forest with mountain gorillas, experience and as you enjoy what the Pearl of Africa have in stock.