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Among the 39 mammal residents in Mgahinga gorilla National Park are some wild mountain gorillas including one habituated gorilla family. The most popular animals include golden monkeys, blue monkey, forest elephants, forest buffalos, spotted hyenas, bush buck, Serval cat, side stripped jackal, golden cats, leopard, black fronted duiker and giant forest hog among others. These animals make the park a haven for wildlife safari enthusiasts.

For bird lovers, Mgahinga is a haven with 179 bird species including Albertine rift and Eastern Congo forest biome species because of the overlapping varied ecosystems that attract Eurasian migrants like the stone chat.

Top Animals to See

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is home to different animals that include

  • The critically endangered mountain gorillas,
  • Golden monkeys,
  • Buffaloes,
  • Elephants,
  • Leopards,
  • Civets,
  • Jackals,
  • Spotted hyenas,
  • Serval cats,
  • Giant forest hogs,
  • Several species of antelopes


There are several rare Albertine rift endemic and Congo forest biome birds.