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There are numerous caves but the most significant of all is the Garama cave located 4 km from Ntebeko visitor center. The 200 meter long caves are sacred places for the BaTwa who were evicted from their ancestral forest in 1991 but fortunately are now allowed as guides and have earned themselves income from tourism. Visitors meet the BaTwa guides, the shortes people on earth. Along the trail you will learn from their explanations and showcasing their former forest traditions including hunting skills, herbal medicine administration, water collection using bamboo shoots, tree climbing and houses, evolution of fire technology and pipe smoking.

After one hour of walking, arrive at Garama caves and BaTwa elders will first pray to their perfect black god for spiritual guidance. Inside the caves are stair giving access to its dark interior, the BaTwa pottery remains and molded chairs where they used to stay and hide from enemies during battle fields can be seen. There are also bat colonies as you come out, the BaTwa trail ends with memorable cultural dance performances including folklore and rituals.