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Lying at an altitude of 2227 to 4127 meters, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park experiences tropical climatic conditions. The park is known for its pleasant and cool weather conditions. The high altitude makes the park very cold, whether it is the dry or wet season with rains occurring at any time of the year.

The park’s elevation between 2,227 to 4,127 meters above sea level provides cool equatorial climate with very pleasant and cool weather. Nights are very cold during both the dry and rainy season. However, heavy rainfall is received throughout the year.

The climate and weather in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park ranges from wet, cold to mild. The nights are often very cold while day time is usually warm. The day time temperatures rise up to 20 degrees celsius and night time temperatures often drops down to 9 degrees celsius.

At an altitude of 1000 meters, temperatures can drop to 6.5 degrees celsius. The higher you move, the colder it becomes. Each year, there are 2 (two) wet/rainy seasons that are experienced at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. That is the long and short rainy months, with highest rainfall record of 250mm. October is the month when the park receives the highest rainfall amount and the lowest rainfall is received in July.

The short rainy months occur from March, April to May. During these months, rains come with thunderstorms. The rains can go from 30 minutes and shine the whole the day. Long rains begin from September to October, taking long hours. When the rains stop, you can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the area. The rainy/wet season is also considered to be the most preferred time for birding tours.

The dry season –this also occurs twice a year: that is the long and short. The drier months run from June, July, to August and December, January to February. The average temperature rise around the dry season is 20 degrees celsius –this is during day and at night, there is a drop down in temperatures to about 8 degrees celsius. It is during the dry season when gorilla trekking is excellently conducted.

Around June, July, to August, there are higher chances of receiving rains and less rain around September to November. Daytime temperatures in Mgahinga Gorilla NP differ depending on the altitude.

Mgahinga National Park is most famous for two primate adventures: gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking. The park is found in Southwestern Uganda, one of the coldest areas. It was created as a park in Uganda in 1991, and covers the land area of 33.7 sq.km. Mgahinga covers about 8% of the extensive Virunga Conservation Area (VCA) and the rest falls on the Rwandan and Congo side.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mgahinga?

Before you book a Uganda safari to Mgahinga, first, you should understand the weather and climatic conditions. The most recommended time to travel to Mgahinga to go on a gorilla safari is around the months of June, July, August till September or December, January to February. The wet/rainy season is good for birding and it is period when you can enjoy the lush scenery of the park.

The best time to visit the park for volcano hiking is during dry season from December to February and June to September. Although the forest is ever wet, trails get dry and easy to hike.

The rainy season from April to May and October to November and gorilla trekking becomes cheap due to discount gorilla permits.