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Mt. Gahinga (3,473) meters above sea level is the lowest and easy to hike about 6-8 hour loop trail leads to a 180 meters wide swamp that covered up the Crater Lake on top. According to the local legend, Gahinga means a pile of volcanic stones that surround the local farmlands on its lower slopes, hence the name of the park, Mgahinga.

Mt. Gahinga is mostly loved not for less strenuous hikes, but for the 2 km stretch of bamboo zone and a trail ladder access to the middle of the beautiful swamp where lucky visitors encounter serval cats hunting black fronted duikers. Golden monkeys and blue monkeys can also be spotted.

All the volcanoes can be hiked all year round and need no special equipment. Visitors do not need to book in advance, get to the park and book a permit at Uganda wildlife authority visitor center.

The nearest town of Kisoro has accommodation ranges from luxury to budget. The town is about 10 km, use a 4WD vehicle. Visitors  can also drive from Kampala on good tarmac roads it takes 8-10 hours covering about 482 km. Time bound visitors should use fly in scheduled charter flights. However, advance flight booking is required.