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Just in the south-western part of Uganda sits Mgahinga Gorilla National Park raked the smallest but one of the most outstanding amongst the 10 Ugandan Parks. Its captivating attractions and activities can leave you in a state of thinking that there is no any other Uganda’s park more charming than Mgahinga.

Several stirring activities abound including Gorilla trekking, Batwa trail experience, nature walks, bird watching to mention but a few.

But among the list, gorilla trekking is the main reason for most Uganda safaris and visitors to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Most travelers visit Mgahinga, not for fun but all the expectations for this unforgettable experience are hard to resist for a person who isn’t yet part of it. Over and above that, great satisfaction in gorilla trekking is brought about by perfect timing and all preparations made in advance.

That one-hour session of meeting face to face with the Gorillas is undoubtedly everyone’s dream to achieve but the ultimate Gorilla trekking experience is not a guarantee, it differs from person to person.

In this way, am trying to highlight that this level of satisfaction depends on several factors such as the weather conditions, the timing for the activity, physical fitness and more.

Mountain Gorillas are one of the most dazzling species within Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi National Park and other localities in Rwanda and DR Congo.

Of all, Mgahinga is listed with the least numbers of Gorillas totaling to 80 individuals and only one Gorilla family “Nyakagezi” habituated and approved for trekking.

Here comes a question, what is the best time to see these least numbers in the habitats of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This question has continuously trended among travelers who are eager to be of this adventure of a lifetime.

The answer is simple Mgahinga National Park can be visited all year round since both dry and wet seasons are perfect for different activities offered in the Park.

With tastes and preferences, what may seem the right time for someone may be a bad time again for another person with a fact that different people depend on different factors.

Without putting that into consideration, the dry season that starts from December to February and late May to early October is the best time for perfect and rewarding Gorilla excursions in Mgahinga.

Someone more sensitive may ask why, it’s because during this season there is limited rainfall, trails are drier and passable though rainfall is unpredictable so it’s not a surprise when it rains.

To add on that, in the dry season it’s when Gorilla trekking is on high demand, so if you are a person who loves making friends you will have a lot after the Gorilla trek.

But to remind you during peak season, permits are highly demanded therefore book in time at least six months before your trekking dates.

The rainy season then starts from mid-October to November and late February to early October. This period is not recommended for Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga, there is usually heavy rainfall drops, and trails are muddy and slippery. Sometimes roads to the Park can be in bad conditions and impassable.

What’s more, the rainy season is not recommended because the Park is covered in mist and air is often moist.

Where an advantage exists there is a disadvantage, therefore even though the rainy season is not good for Gorilla trekking, it rewards travelers with bird’s eye views of green and lush vegetation along with rolling hills and terraces than in the dry season.

Wetter seasons are as well low seasons in Uganda’s tourism, permits are not highly demanded and the perfect time for those who prefer grand adventures just free of crowds.

That’s not the end, birders are also smiley during the rainy seasons, this is the perfect time to sight several migratory bird species.

Undeniably bird watching is also on offer all year round in Uganda but the rainy season is exceptional with splendid views of unique species such as Brown-chested lapwings and more.

In conclusion, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a destination not to miss for all time Gorilla trekking experiences during the dry season and rainy season for lovers of birds, Gorilla trekking can also be possible during the rainy season but not highly recommended.