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The town of Kisoro is found in South Western Uganda. It the district where Mgahiga gorilla park is found and this therefore means that when you are in Kisoro, you stand high chances you tracking the gorilla families in Bwindi , only if you have a gorilla permit issued by the Uganda wildlife Authority. The town of Kisoro is boarded by Kabale district in the eastern part. It is bordered by the republic of Rwanda in the South and this therefore means that when you are in Kisoro, you can get into the republic of Rwanda and go on a gorilla safari in Rwanda after you have paid the Rwanda’s gorilla permit of US$1500. The gorillas of Rwanda are much more accesses and you can only spend 30 minutes to see them. In the northern part of Kisoro, there is Kanungu district while in the western part of the town; there is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The district of Kisoro as whole, almost 3.9 percent of the district is covered by water, 0.9 percent is covered in natural forestry while 2.95 percent is covered by wetlands. Up to present, people call Kisoro town as Bujumbura County and this district was initially part of Kabale district. The district today has got 13 (thirteen) sub counties with four parliamentary constituencies. These include; The Bufumbira South East, North and Bufumbira Women’s representatives.

The Economy of Kisoro district

Like most districts in Uganda, Kisoro is predominantly an agricultural district. Agriculture is still the backbone of the district of Kisoro. The major outstanding crops grown include; Sorghum which is used to make their local brew locally known as “Bushera drink”. Other crops grown include; sweat potatoes, Irish potatoes and maize.  In some homesteads within the district, you will find some live stock being looked at. These provide milk for the local livelihood and some is sold off. This gives the local people income to sustain their livelihood. Kanungu district in the north, DRC in the west. Kisoro town is approximately 45km by road west of Kabale and 460km by road southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Like most districts in the country, agriculture is the backbone of Kisoro’s economy. Crops like sorghum, sweat potatoes, Irish potatoes and maize among others are grown in this district. Residents also keep livestock on a subsistence level with a few having large cattle farms.

How to access Kisoro town

Kisoro town lies approximately 45 kilometers by road west of Kabale town. This means that when you coming from Rwanda side and you reach Kabale town, you can only drive 45 kilometers then you are in Kisoro town. In case you travelling from Kampala, you will cover a distance of about 460 kilometers by road, driving southwest of Kampala city. You can also access the town through a domestic flight which is offered at aero link.

What are the attractions found in Kisoro?

Kisoro is a home of Mgahinga gorilla national park. The park is a home to a good number primates including the endangered mountain gorillas. It also covers three of the eight virunga volcanoes, the Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga which all lie on the Uganda Rwanda boarder. There is also a unique type of people called the Batwa or the pygmies. They are found in this district thus if you have never seen these people, you when you visit Kisoro town, you will see them. They have their unique features and one of them is that they stay in forests.  You will enjoy their traditions, including the way they dress, live and generally how they do their things.

A you interested in exploring kisoro town, Kisoro ton can be explore either with a help of a local guide or you can make it by your  self. Bus in Kampala such as Mashpoa, Trinity, Jaguar Bismarkian and more are available to provide public transportation and it will cost you only shillings 60,000/= to and flow. whoever traveling with public means will note give you the best experience, you can get the best experience when you hire a car in Kampala which will give you freedom to stop at any amazing spot on the way and towns which is not the case with bus.