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Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Mutanda Eco Community Centre is one of the nicest places to stay within the Lake Mutanda Area. It is located at the lake shores of Lake Mutanda. It offers affordable accommodation from as low as US$40.

Things to Do

From Lake Mutanda, you can enjoy several activities including gorilla tracking in either Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park, golden monkey tracking, Batwa Cultural Experience, bird watching and more.

Gorilla trekking –this is the leading travel experience that is enjoyable while in Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga. More than half of the 1063 mountain gorillas on earth live within Uganda’s parks. On a single day a maximum of 8 visitors are allocated to visit one habituated gorilla family and overall, there are 21 groups already open for gorilla tourism in Uganda. You can be considered eligible to track gorillas if you are above 15 years and should have a valid gorilla permit. Normal gorilla permits are available for booking at USD 700 and your tour operator is in position to book it on your behalf early enough.

Gorilla habituation –When it comes to gorilla habituation, there is only place to go to and that is Rushaga sector in Bwindi National Park. This sector is found in the Southern side of Bwindi and for you to engage in gorilla habituation experience, you should have a valid permit, each issued at USD 1500 per person.

Birding –With your pair of binoculars and cameras, birding in Bwindi and Mgahinga guarantees you unforgettable experience. The two parks are home to several Albertine rift and other resident species. The numerous avifaunal species to expect to search for include the Dusky crimson wings, Kivu ground thrush, bar-tailed trogon, rusty-faced woodland warblers, short-tailed warblers, bush shrike, red-faced woodland warblers, crowned hornbill, cinnamon chested bee-eaters, African green pigeon, regal sunbird, mountain masked apalis, blue headed sunbird and others. The best birding spots not to miss exploring include Mubwindi, Buhoma waterfall trail, Ivy river trail, Kashasha River, and more.

Nature walks/hiking –with an experienced park guide, embark on a walk through the different trails in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park -MGNP. Some of the enriching trails to consider for guided nature walks include Ivy River trail, Muzubijiro Loop, Muyanga waterfall, Mubwindi swamp trail, Kashasha River trail, bamboo trail, Rushura hill trail, and others.

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