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Children Activities While on a Uganda Gorilla Safari

Children Activities While on a Uganda Gorilla Safari


Are you planning for gorilla safari and you are wondering what children can do? With gorilla trekking being one of the most restricted adventures, traveling with children at times becomes very challenging as gorilla treks usually require only persons above 15 years. However, this doesn’t mean that children do not have what to do. Whether you plan to go on a primate safari and track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, there are many most exciting activities for children to take part. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is conducted in only Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park then in Rwanda; you can pay a visit to Volcanoes National Park. While on gorilla trip in Uganda or Rwanda, below are some of the activities for children to engage in;

The fact that these gorilla destinations feature a number of other tourist sites, you can incorporate your gorilla safari with for instance a visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. These parks are ideal for game viewing/game drive, birding, boat cruise, nature walks and many others. For those of you who wish to explore gorillas in Rwanda, you can incorporate gorilla safaris with wildlife tours.

Buhoma community village walk

If you happen to be in Bwindi Forest National Park, this village walk is ideal for children above five years. There are guides to take children through this experience, interpret where need be and take them via the village. While on village walk, children get to learn new ways of doing things which include among others craft making, paying a visit to village school, get a chance to visit the traditional healer who makes the best of herbs for his work. How long the walk may take you depends on the children stamina and can take them about 3 hours and they can sum it up with the Batwa pygmies traditional dance.

The Batwa experience

An encounter with the Batwa pygmies rewards travel endeavors with the most thrilling experiences. It allows children to learn more about the Batwa-the renowned forest dwellers who are believed to have lived in the jungles for about 500000 years as hunters and gatherers. While here, children get entertained with thrilling traditional dances and music performances.

Explore more about the forest

A visit to Bwindi allows you to interact and explore more about the forest experience. Besides Bwindi, there are also other incredible forested parks for children to explore for instance Kibale Forest National Park, Bigodi swamp guided walk where children can catch a glimpse at varied primate species, birds, butterflies a mention but a few.

For those of you who will head off to Rwanda, cultural experiences are ideal to per take from Iby’Iwacu-a cultural village which features Rwanda’s unique cultures and traditions. The most interesting part of it is that you can have a stay even here as a family.  Children get a chance to enjoy interesting dances, learn how to drum, learn how to cook a mention but a few.

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