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Discounted Gorilla Permits In Uganda 2017

Discounted Gorilla Permits In Uganda 2017


Usually, Uganda offers discounted gorilla permits most especially during the low seasons. These seasons are usually during the months of April, May and November and have extended by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The discounted fee is from U$ 600 to US 450 therefore, for those who are interested in to see these endangered apes at a discounted price you need to pay a fee of U$ 450 for each gorilla permit. Foreign residents in the country will have to pay $500 in the high season and $400 in the low season.  Please note that this is during the months of April, May and November. Tourists from the East African community will be required to pay only shs150000/= in the low season and pay shs250000/= in the high season. Here the residents who qualify for this include; Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and of course Uganda.

If you are a budget traveler and your planes are to visit the pearl of Africa for gorilla trekking, you’re recommend visit the gentle apes in the months of April, May and November. Please do take advantage of these seasons because it will make you save some of your money and spend it on some other useful thins which are important during your safari or after your safari or tour. During these months, not only does the price of the gorilla permits go down, but also the prices of most accommodation facilities tend to go down. You stand high chances of sleeping in a luxury hotel or accommodation at every cheaper price. I strongly encourage you to travel during this time. The weather is also usually conducive for you. Some tourist however who have been in the country have raised questions  to think  that for the gorilla tracking going low is attributed to fact that  this discount is only in months when it is heavily raining in the Bwindi Impenetrable national park. This has not been the answer towards this because Bwindi gorilla park receives heavy rainfall throughout the year which can rain every 30 minutes irrespective of whether it is a dry season or not. Whats amazing of all is that the experience is the same weather in the low or high season, so why not to track gorillas in the low season and save much of you money.

As soon as you have decided on the travel dates, you should embark of looking for a genuine tour company or operator who will book for you a genuine gorilla permit. Most of these tour operators within the country do accept many modes of payment including; pespal, visa card and Master Card payments. You are kindly advised to contact any the tour operator you are using if there are any other means of payments you will to use. Most of these tour operators will require you to confirm your safari with a full deposit since it is a discounted permit. Not only is the payment of gorilla permit required but also on accommodation, telephone calls and wildlife Authority. Do not get any worries because as well as the money shows on the account,  the  company you have contacted will  appear at UWA and  arrange for you your gorilla permit indicating your travel date. You should also send your copies of your travel documents and in this case it is the passport which you need to send. Please you will enjoy the same way you would have enjoyed when you had bought you’re the gorilla permit at US$700.

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