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Gorilla Photography Tips

Gorilla Photography Tips


Most trekkers who are interested in seeing the mountain gorillas and other primates in Uganda during their gorilla safari holidays and want to go home with a plethora of  memorable shots to show to the family and even to the friends. It is an awesome thing to return home with something that gives memory of the adventure but what is the best way of having the best photo or Snap.  These are some of the tips that can help trekkers organize their cameras in an appropriate lens that can get the best image of the gorillas from this lifetime adventure.

In the first places it is important to note that trekkers are only given one hour to interact with the gorillas after meeting them. This is a regulation that is stipulated by Uganda Wildlife Authority. It is important that trekkers utilize the one hour to the maximum by taking as many pictures as possible and also target the appropriate movements, behaviors and expressions of the gorillas.

It is not so hard to take a picture with gorillas because they are not as difficult as the chimps that run from trees to trees, but mountain gorillas tend to be calm in nature and stay in one place for long, making it easy for trekkers to capture good images.

It is a regulation by Uganda wildlife Authority that all trekkers who are interested in taking photographs of or with the mountain gorillas turn off the camera flash because it can be a threat to the gorillas. Have a good shooting mode usually the appropriate mode that can control light conditions especially when gorillas move from light areas to the shade.

When embarking on a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda and you would like to have the best photographs, visitors need to carry the right lens with them. Carrying or using only one lens may not give out exciting photos.

Note that using several lenses gives you more options in terms of shots, but this can only be possible by a professional photographer who can change the lenses in the shortest seconds, if not you will definitely miss the best scenes. Many trekkers miss memorable scenes because they are changing the lenses. It is better to choose a multipurpose lens as the best option to have the best photos is always to choose the best lens.

Beside the lens, it is advisable to take comfortable camera bag while trekking gorillas. It is hard to strap that rubs or the difficulties of running across the forest and climbing to see the mountain gorillas.

It is also advisable that trekkers know that enough protection is needed when trekking because these gorillas can be sometimes can be found in hard-to-reach places.

Trekkers or photographers should make sure that they have the lens protector. For example, the juvenile gorillas in particular are unstable and may tend to keep running around, but definitely as a photographer you need to take the right shots, hence you are required to keep moving, and therefore, you need to make sure your lenses are protected from the thorny bushes or mud.

Take your time to be in the presence of the mountain gorillas; because you may not get another chance again and yet photographs are an amazing keepsake, nothing can beat the experience when you are in front of the majestic humble mountain gorillas.

This is the right time, don’t be afraid to take as many pictures as possible. Because it is always hard to get the perfect picture but the only option is taking plenty to choose from, and so remember to carry a lot of memory cards.

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